cropped-Screenshot-2016-06-04-00.00.10.pngFor a long time I felt I needed to be more “qualified” before speaking or sharing on the ancient wisdoms. Recently I realised… perhaps I was looking at things backwards. The Ancient Truths can never be taught, they must be discovered within.

As I continue my studies ~ I share with you here, my own journey through the application of these teachings in daily life. The more I study, the more I realise the less I actually know. I have come to understand that we cannot control exterior events, and truly only have control over our own actions and reactions. We also have the ability to choose and manoeuvre through our thoughts and emotions, they are the navigators of our lives.

It is through the personal application of compassion, unconditional love, understanding, unity, forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude that we can make a difference in our world. Like candles in the blackest night, together we can illuminate and help to eliminate darkness.

May the Force be (recognised) With (in) You!

May the FORCE be (recognised) WITH (in) YOU!

To “overcome a monster” is the eternal human quest. But the true battle of Light against dark does not take place on an external battleground, but within us.

This is a tale as old as time itself and we must always remember the treasured truth that: “The platforms from which the ancient wisdoms are to be taught are meant for the teachings, not the teacher”.

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Taming the “wild beast” within all of us ~ The ego/Lower self

There is a niggly gut feeling that swells up within. You know it well, the viciously vociferous “voice” that engulfs you in the need to prove yourself right.

It takes offence, judges, condemns, gets angry, feels hurt, is full of envy and is ridiculously jealous, especially when wonderful things happen for other people, people you love, adore and cherish. It also criticises the crap out of you, fills you with doubt and berates you endlessly with horrifically hurtful commentary… Ironically it will tell you, that you are special, separate and better than everyone else.

Have you ever questioned this “voice’s” validity? It has been with you all along, it has been called your “ego,” your “lower self,” your “false self” etc.

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Compassion in response to Narcissism?

I am learning how Love, Kindness, Compassion and Tolerance can healthily navigate with, through and around overt and/or covert narcissists and even simply strong personal opposition we occasionally encounter in our daily lives at work, at play, in social situations and on social media. This situation seems to present itself nowadays more often than not.

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New Age Scam versus Spiritual Integrity

When the question is asked, “Are you spiritual?” A vast range of answers come back in full spectrum.

But the truth is closer than our own breath.

The word “spirit” comes from Latin, Spiritus/Spirare meaning “to breathe”.The word “inspire” is inspirare in Latin, meaning “to breathe into, breathe upon… the breath of LIFE…”

Yahweh – YHWH; Hebrew for the Divine name for God. It is said that YHWH represents the sound of life, our own breath.

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NDEs, OBEs and their Commonalities with the Ancient Wisdoms

Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences have extraordinary commonalities with the ancient wisdoms.

These teachings can’t be taught or bought but they can be earned and learned … through unselfish study and application.

Perhaps it is time that together we tear down the outdated and dusty walls of organised religion that divide us ~ and return to our primeval foundations of Love.

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