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Colossal fame, global admiration, wealth and “super human” talent does not mean you have arrived or succeeded in life. Hollywood and the media glorify this ridiculous ideal beyond earthly proportions, constantly reinforcing this false Stairway to “Heaven” ~ once you get there, you’ve made it and can be “happy” forever.

Life offers you what your soul is prescribed to evolve ~ there is no “eject” button, the learning and living continues far beyond this dimension and the next. Next time you think you don’t have enough, or are consumed by the lack of what you believe you require to be happy, remember that human suffering, depression, mental illness, addiction etc… cross all walks of life ~ No one can pull up your throttle except for yourself ~ NOTHING exterior can complete you, not talent, acquisitions, money, not love from another, not physical beauty, fame or success, the keys to happiness (Acceptance, Gratitude and Forgiveness) are WITHIN you and always have been. Use them.

One’s sad departure remaining hauntingly illuminated by the spotlight, millions just as valuable remain suffering the same in the darkness of the audience. Let us not forget them.

I was told by a phenomenal comedian once that ~> Comedy is simply pain held up in a mirror.

A few years back Jim Carrey summed it up brilliantly: “I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it’s not the answer.”