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Another year has passed, another trip ’round the Sun, just a few moments ago seemed it had only begun.Now every day, each hour, every minute ~ I can see the pure beauty ~ throughout and within it.Gray hair and glasses, time’s no longer molasses, but more brisk and quick like a candlestick’s wick!

Time has opened my eyes, and my heart as well ~ as I write this presently I can feel both of them swell.

For I can see clearly the gifts, the bounty the JOY… of my best friend, my Husband and my precious Son, my Boy ~♥

Of the Love of dear friends and the beauty of our Earth ~ on this day, the eve of the 46th anniversary of my birth.

(I felt a bit Dr. Seuss-y with my gratitude tonight… How I love each and every one of you ~ I am so grateful for the gift of You) xxx