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“The Key to Theosophy” Book Study 10

“As mankind is essentially of one and the same essence, and that essence is one — infinite, uncreate, and eternal, whether we call it God or Nature — nothing, therefore, can affect one nation or one man without affecting all other nations and all other men.”

This week, we begin begin section III with: “THE WORKING SYSTEM OF THE T. S.”

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“The Key to Theosophy” Book Study 9

 “…There must be SOMEWHERE a philosophical and religious system which shall be scientific and not merely speculative. FINALLY, a belief, perhaps, that such a system must be sought for in teachings far antedating any modern faith.”


“The Key to Theosophy” – Book Studies 7 and 8

This week’s blog combines two book studies from “The Key to Theosophy”, we will cover: “The Difference between Theosophy and Occultism” and “The Difference between Theosophy and Spiritualism”. There is substantial difference.

“The Key to Theosophy” Book Study Seven and Eight

“Yogi” simply means student, and Theosophy is no religion but rather ~  the foundation of all of the world’s religions/philosophies…


The Key to Theosophy – Book Study 6

This week we are moving forward through section II, “Exoteric and Esoteric Theosophy” and into “Theosophists and Members of the ‘T.S.’” (Theosophical Society).

When man looks up from the busy world of the senses and sets his sights on the stars, he can hear the eternal questions: Who, Why, Where and WHAT am I? And who is the “asker” behind these questions? Surely it is not the cry of the material body alone? Divine Wisdom has come through for us, i.e. “Man, know thyself”, “The Kingdom of Heaven is Within”, unfortunately, man will be man and too often in the search for purpose and meaning we slip into and are blinded by self-importance and separation.


The Key to Theosophy – Book Study 5

As stated before, I am simply a fellow student of Theosophy sharing my experience and experiments of the application of the ancient Truths. As a former broadcaster, my tool is my voice and I simply wish to be of service. This week we move into section two of “The Key to Theosophy”: Exoteric and Esoteric Theosophy. What the modern Theosophical Society is not. All are welcome 🙂


The Key to Theosophy – Book Study 4

The Key to Theosophy  – Book Study 4

This week we cover the questions/topics:

What is the explanation of Theosophy/Secret Wisdom/Divine Essence?
Is Theosophy some new-fangled fad?
How has Theosophy remained so secret?
What is the cause of this secrecy?
Theosophy is NOT Buddhism and the differences between.

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