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What is the Scariest thing on Earth?

Q: What is the scariest and most dangerous thing on Earth? A: A fellow human being. Here are some… but not all of the most harmful beliefs that ORGANISED RELIGION has unleashed upon the world: 1) Everlasting Hell 2) Blood[…]


Prayerful Silence or or Complicity?

We are one another, we are each other, let us use compassion as our guide and remember our spiritual responsibility, if our aim is to be universally united, we must speak up, and speak out against our own ignorance, fear and superstition anything that divides, causes, suffering, hatred, or harm to any other being.

This is our responsibility, each and every one of us. If we choose to remain silent, we are cowardly complicit.


The Sacred Hijacked for Racism

How do you feel when you see a swastika? This ancient, sacred symbol of Pure, Divine energy and auspiciousness, of good luck and good fortune, a primeval holy representation of Cosmic Evolution and Creation.

Unfortunately, in the western world, a wide majority of us feel the Swastika represents prejudice, fear, division and hate… meaning the intentional smear campaign of dishonour still reigns successful.


Magic, the Sacred Science Inside ALL of Us

One of the three Objects of Theosophy is: “To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in the human being.”

Latent = dormant, inactive, unused

There is a Sacred Science or Magic within…all of us, inside of everything…


The Secret Doctrine – Humanity’s Textbook

The Secret Doctrine

“Man is divine; matter is living; all nature is one”.


The Hellish reason we call it Alcohol

Yes, picking up the drink originally is a choice, so is putting it down. But sometimes, if you are like me, alcohol welcomes our grasp and with malevolent reciprocity and clamps down with a red-hot, razor sharp vice grip.

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