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“The Key to Theosophy” Book Study 3

“Is there a God? What happens when we die? Have we lived before?”

This week in our book study of “The Key to Theosophy” we cover the following questions:
• How these ancient teachings reached humanity in our current time?
• How were these sacred teachings preserved?
• Where and how were they preserved?
• Can proof be offered that they are indeed esoteric?
• Can the “Secret Wisdom” be attained simply by study?


The Key to Theosophy – Book Study 2

This week, we continue our study of this extraordinarily important text written down by HPB in 1889. These teachings are timeless, ancient and of the utmost importance for the humanity of today in 2018.

“Theosophy – The Wisdom tradition, the accumulated record of investigation and experiment by generations of enlightened seers.”

Anyone and everyone can study and apply the wisdoms of Theosophy. If you have a compassionate heart, a deep, genuine and true love for all beings, if you are truly unselfish and have set aside the world of the senses, if you do not seek fame, power or wealth and truly wish to learn, not for self, but for the benefit of all mankind… and if you feel the crushing call, the unmistakable request that cannot be ignored, to be of service to ALL of humanity ~ then you are most welcome.


“The Key” Book Study 1

This week we begin by directly studying “The Key to Theosophy” together. If we would just look, there are plenty of answers to be found.

The eternal questions of WHO we are, WHERE we are? HOW did we get here? When did it all begin… and WHY?

From the beginning of time humans have searched for answers regarding:

Life after life
What happens when we sleep?
The interpretation of dreams
Memories of past lives and multiple life experiences
Do you feel the crushing suffering of humanity? ~ Of all beings?
The Sun
Ever expanding Universe/Multiverses
Our abilities beyond the 5 senses
The Cosmos
Life on other planets/Dimensions
The Astral Plane
Etc… Etc… ETC…

The more we study, the more we realise how very little we actually know.

Yet, we have been given invaluable valuable wisdom, through countless sages through the ages as well as timeless, treasured texts. Upon the discovery of some of these writings a few years ago, I felt compelled to do something, anything I could to help get them up off of the dusty shelves and into the digital world so that they could be easily accessible, cost nothing and be available for all. I began by voicing the texts into audio books… and now share videos, blogs, memes, quotes, links of the studies and experience acquired through the personal application of these teachings here on Yogi Theosophy.


The CHRISTOS Presence

“The coming of Christ,” means the presence of  CHRISTOS in a regenerated world, and not at all the actual coming in body of “Christ” Jesus; this Christ is to be sought neither in the wilderness nor “in the inner chambers,” nor in the sanctuary of any temple or church built by man; for Christ — the true esoteric SAVIOR — is no man, but the DIVINE PRINCIPLE in every human being…”


The Magic Potato

Many of us are taught the religion we are born into, for example, let’s say that our parents told us about “The Magic Potato” because their parents told them about the magic potato… since THEIR parents told them about the magic potato! When my parents told me about the magic potato, when I was old enough, I asked, “What does this “Magic Potato” taste like?”


Your Light is needed

Your loving Light is needed and necessary here on our planet. With a population of 7.5 billion people, Earth has far more suffering than ever before, and YOU are extraordinarily essential. You also might be reading this today for the same reason that I make these videos, because you too feel a sense of compassion that is indescribable, profound and ingrained in the very core of who you are.

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