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Complaining serves no purpose, except to feed fear, separation, and judgement. Like a computer virus run rampant that takes over to glorify the and validate the ego and its false sense of exclusivity. The foundation of any complaint is fear or pain, but on an endless verbal loop. No solution to any problem can be found by complaining about it.

“Let’s stop talking about what the problem is, but rather let us spend our energy in the solution. ” This has not always been the case, I too used to be consumed by the gripping repeat pattern of fear, ego and complaining.

Over the last few years, I have worked on eliminating complaining as best I can from both my inner thoughts and spoken word. I find that hearing it from others has become “louder” and seems to cause an almost physical discomfort if I am not careful.

herecomesthe_16001Choose Love, trust and compassion in the present. If you cannot change the unpleasant circumstance, come to terms that it simply just IS at the moment and the moment will pass ~ focus on the things you have to be grateful for.

This also applies to any perceived complaining about those who complain  ~♥ xx