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il_fullxfull.370481242_5fnv_grandeLife will deliver a myriad of events, complete with emotions that run the gamut. As I was lovingly explaining to Alex on the way up to Heathrow yesterday; no one else is able to “break your heart” except for you, and that we have no control over anyone or anything except for OUR actions and reactions ~  and sometimes our environment.
Whatever is happening at the moment will pass, it won’t always stay as it is. Emotions are purely fleshed out thoughts and feelings and we have the power to allow them to either consume us or to simply acknowledge them and let them pass through without suffering their damage.
Yesterday was a very valuable experience for me as I experienced
both the close of such a joyful time and then the dreaded sadness of placing Alex on the plane,  and then facing the unknown, (clutch going out and a patchwork of tow-trucks and drivers for hundreds of miles through the night) unexpected financial woes, hours in the wind, cold and wet and potentially very frustrating circumstances.
As each part unfolded, I applied what I have learned to witness a very different outcome from what might have been years past. Primarily ACCEPTANCE of all that is and all that has led up to this event. It simply is as it is. GRATITUDE for all that is and appreciation that is potentially could have been so much worse. Patience, kindness and compassion for all involved, including myself ~ helped me manoeuvre through yesterday successfully. I am just a bit sleepy today, joyful that I came through unscathed by any complaining or negativity.