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“Theosophy on earth, is like the white ray of the spectrum, and every religion only one of the seven prismatic colours.”


“Theosophy was once the universal religion of mankind, and is destined to be the universal religion of the future. Even now its great principles are permeating thought and action everywhere, and everywhere the most advanced mind are looking forward to the idea of a universal religion as Humanity’s one hope.”

~ Katherine Tingley

“Theosophy: The Path of the Mystic.”
Theosophical Publishing Company. 1922

The Meaning of the Name THEOSOPHY

Q. Theosophy and its doctrines are often referred to as a newfangled religion. Is it a religion?

A. It is not. Theosophy is Divine Knowledge or Science.

Q. What is the real meaning of the term?

A. “Divine Wisdom“, (Theosophia) or Wisdom of the gods, as (theogonia), genealogy of the gods. The word ‘theos’ means a god in Greek, one of the divine beings, certainly not “God” in the sense attached in our day to the term. Therefore, it is not “Wisdom of God”, as translated by some, but Divine Wisdom such as that possessed by the gods. The term is many thousand years old.


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