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Screenshot 2016-07-04 19.14.11I can FINALLY tell you ~

Finally tell you of the incredibly surreal feeling of leaving LAX off of an international flight from London and heading north ~ over the Grapevine then tuning into the Bakersfield radio station and hearing my voice from Totnes, England recorded several days prior.

Also very strange to drive by other cars listening to that same station, hearing my home studio recorded voice in “real time” but only Husband and Son knew that it was recorded a week before and 6,000 miles away ~ Voice tracking is not new technology, but being a country jock from a whole different country was a incredible adventure.

I have wished to share this and other thoughts along the way with you but had to remain silent to keep the illusion alive ~ The internet has changed the broadcasting industry so drastically ~ Newspapers, Telephones, Radio, Television, Magazines all must change with the tide, or get pounded by the surf.

What began as a voice tracking job fresh on the heels of this international move ~ and via the internet on a Rock station back in March of 2010 ~ became the longest stretch at any station in my Radio career (which began in San Luis Obispo in 1989). I have SO MUCH LOVE and appreciation for all at Lotus Broadcasting

For decades I’ve been a Rock Disc Jockey, and now as a middle aged, Sober Vegetarian (and strong supporter of animal rights) and a dedicated student of the ancient wisdoms and spirituality ~ it became INCREASINGLY more difficult to talk about Huntin’/Fishin’/Drinkin’ and things like the “Jesus and Jack Daniels Tour”… also about artists that I would not recognise if they came to my door, over music I don’t know, to an audience that isn’t there, in a time that hasn’t happened yet, to a town I haven’t lived in in almost a decade, from halfway around the world :O It became far more of an acting job than what being a radio disc jockey originally started out as for me. I am a communicator, I LOVE people and loved rock music.


I meant it every time I said “I Love You, you are the reason we do what we do” on the air ~ Yet, It has always been my wish to lend my voice to something a bit more purposeful than tour dates, new albums or award shows, something that can TRULY BE of help to humanity.
I step out in complete faith that the next step will be illuminated by the time my foot rests upon it to gain footing and climb to the next.

In humility, compassion, unconditional love, understanding, global unity, gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness for ALL beings ~ Out from underneath ego and personal glory, paycheque not a concern ~ I patiently await the “voice-work” I’ve been preparing for all of my life.