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Your Inner God – Seek Ye First

Earlier this week we were talking about Omnism which is a term that was coined by the English poet Phillip Bailey in the first part of the 19th century. Omnism means that you have a belief that there is some truth in all of the world’s religions, in all faiths and creeds but no religion contains the whole truth. Omnism is also the belief in a single, transcendent (Mystical/Divine) purpose or cause uniting all beings on the planet. It is a beautiful word, which also happens to be completely synonymous with the fundamental teachings of Theosophy.

I find that these teachings work for me but it is important to remember that no organisation or group can have a monopoly on the ancient wisdoms. Theosophy is not a religion, quite the opposite… You can find shades of the primary principles of Theosophy underneath and within ALL of the world’s religions, they all have a portion of it, however, Theosophy is as old as time itself and predates all of our current world religions.

You can also find these truths in the mystical Jewish teachings of Kabbalah, you can find them within the works of the great philosophers of the world … Socrates, Pythagoras, Plato… the wisdoms of Zarathustra and Buddha, the list is endless!

I think the word “Omnism” is lovely and apropos.

From my experience in having this Youtube channel and what I see coming in from other Youtube hosts which sometimes my videos are grouped along with… to be honest, unfortunately I see a lot of con, fraud, fakes and dangerous information coming through. People are claiming that they are the originators of these ancient wisdoms; they have the cheek and gall to actually claim they are the source of these teachings! They are crowning themselves “ascended masters” and you must pay them money so you can be ascended as well. (Of course!- *eyeroll)

This is a ghastly human happening also as old as time. Taking a look at the history of just our last two millenniums, it is clear to see that many of our current organised religions… are also full of luxury, gold, lavish real estate and land, wealth, control, power, greed…and operate more like a Mafia, it is the same kind of hierarchical con, it’s just been going on a little bit longer.

In looking at the significant symbolism of the Seal of Solomon, also known as the Star of David, you may recognise this in Theosophical symbolism as well. What is it and what does it have to do with us? You will see two triangles, one facing up, one facing down, atop one another, the one facing up represents the highest level of matter, the one facing down represents the lowest level of Consciousness/Spirit, together they form the “star” and symbol of Humanity.

Interestingly, the traits of the lower self are that of the physical senses, somewhat like the seven deadly sins: (envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, wrath) which, are in direct contrast to the seven virtues: (kindness, temperance, charity, chastity, humility, patience and diligence), these, along with a sense of unity and connection with all beings represents the qualities of the Higher self.

I believe that you feel this too, that is why you are here. Please just remember how important it is to stay away from anyone who wishes to charge you cash. This is extremely dangerous and it is the lower self (of the five senses) of these self appointed gurus/spiritual teachers and ascended masters being bathed in and corrupted, mesmerised and blinded by their own light. It happens much too often and there seems to be loads more everyday. Beware and always remember that; “…The platforms these teachings are to be taught from, are meant for the teachings not the teacher.”

Some ageless wisdom from the Sufi poet Rumi: “The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? We have heard this before, many sages throughout the ages have come and told us this invaluable instruction, and what do we do? We usually murder them. In Luke 17:20 – :21 of the Christian Bible it reads: “The kingdom of Heaven/God is within you… Seek ye first the kingdom of God” (which is within you) “and his righteousness…” “Righteousness” here does not MEAN self-righteousness, it means GOODNESS or integrity… “and all of these things shall be added unto you”.

It also states quite clearly that Jesus said: “The Kingdom of Heaven/God will not come with observable signs… nor will people say, “Look here it is, there it is. For you see, the kingdom of God is in your midst.”

How often do we use the word “midst”? I believe that this word has been grossly misconstrued, literally lost in translation. I have previously understood the use of this word in the above verse to confirm that Christ was indeed God and that he was among his people, however… the true meaning of the word “midst” means: middle, centre, heart and core. It literally means the kingdom of heaven is IN YOUR CENTRE. I believe that that is what Jesus was saying.

This is the chief underlying principle of Theosophy and the ancient wisdoms. It is not just about intellectual or academic accomplishment, you can read and pontificate all you want to and sit around feeling important because of your achievements but that is not integrity. Anyone can study and learn these teachings but they must be applied and EXPERIENCED in normal daily life and we must become them.

Unfortunately, within some of the Theosophical groups online, I have witnessed hierarchical structures, full of mental and spiritual masturbation and cerebral competition of how many texts they can quote, how well they can write or memorise the teachings and endless attempt to prove to others how pure their understandings are and how much they (think they) know.

What is important is that we become these teachings in our own personal worlds with the people that are around us, right now. By becoming these wisdoms we OVERCOME the fear, lusts, worry, anger, pride and greed of our lower selves.

Please try to recognise and veer clear of false prophets and new age charlatans. You will see them, sitting back, snide and proud, surrounded by flowers and crystals at their feet with people throwing money at them left and right… What on Earth are you gaining from that? NOTHING!!! You are literally worshipping their lower self. If someone charges money and claims that they are “holding space” for you, for God’s sake, run don’t walk! I understand that this may ruffle some feathers as that is a term used frequently by people that can mean “I’m supportive,” or “I am here for you… I am here to help and I love you…” However I have met some people that charge thousands of dollars for simply “holding space” for you and believe me, with the backstage peek that I had, they are laughing all the way to the bank. That is a sham, you have been swindled! My strong advice is to stop focusing on their physical self and charismatic personality and pay attention to what is inside of YOURSELF!

From “H. P. Blavatsky: The Mystery”
“Clothed With the Light. The Inner God”
By Gottfried de Purucker in collaboration with Katherine Tingley

“If they could only get the conviction, as they will in time most assuredly, that at the core of each one of them, at the heart of the heart of each one of them, is this glorious Sun of consciousness: then indeed not only would their lives change immensely for the better, not only would human relations be softened and refined, not only would the horrors attending our present civilization disappear as do the mists before the morning sunlight, but to the individual himself there would come inspiration, a sense of high human dignity, a sense of well-being, and of undeveloped power — which both intuition and instinct would then tell them could only be developed through altruistic (unselfish) use.”


“Within you lie all the mysteries of the Universe, for any human individual… EVERY Human… even the darkest, even the nastiest, even the cruellest and the most evil. EVERY ONE of us are all part of each other, there is no “them and us” it is just US… just like the cells of your body or like your hand and your feet. It is not just your hands… you have both hands and feet. ALL of Us… are the Microcosm of the Macrocosm, the Little World of the Great World, and all truth and wisdom and power for the individual, are rooted in his own inner god, in his own spiritual heart of hearts, in the core of his own being.”

I have attached a link to the article below, please go and investigate further for yourself, not just from reading blogs or watching videos. Don’t take my word for it and for Goodness sake, DON’T pay any one for it, they cannot give it to you! I am here to help you find what I have found that has helped me.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within You! It has been said time and time again, since the very beginning! There is absolutely no reason that we need to keep looking outside of ourselves OR that we need to look anywhere else, except within.

Try to go to that silence in between the thoughts, just for a few moments and stop worrying, stop wondering where “IT” is. You’ve had it all along. Just like “The Wizard of Oz”.
One lovely viewer, Becca Truly Stewart wrote in with a link to an insightful article written by John Alego that points out how synonymous the classic fairy tale “The Wizard of Oz” is with core Theosophical principles. Perhaps we might do a video on this someday.

Theosophy and The Wizard of Oz

What you are looking for, you have had with you all along.

You HAVE IT with you, right now.

“Turn then your eyes to the unspeakably beautiful Power within yourself, realizing at the same time that it is the same unspeakable glory in essence which illuminates the core of the being of all your fellows. Wisdom without bounds will in time be yours; knowledge solving the most wonderful problems of the universe and of man will in time be yours. Love without bounds, all encompassing, all-embracing, will fill your hearts in time; and together with these blessings you will attain a joy and a peace impossible to describe in words.”

Clothed with the Light, The Inner God

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