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Sometimes life offers gnarly “pop quizzes” when we least expect them. We believe we have learned ~ yet when these events happen, we discover there is still so much work to do :'(
In spite of my reflection on these age old teachings in this video below ~ 6 months ago ~ I have not successfully overpowered my lower self, I am humbled and reminded that we are all works in progress.

For or a quite a while it seemed, I was clipping along nicely ~ on a calm, lovely day… (one of so very many) in this video, I repeat the lesson at hand ~ “You can’t be offended unless you take things personal… and nothing is personal. Don’t trip out about what other people think about you… or say to you. What other people say or do, no matter how close to you, has nothing to do with you ~ it is a reflection of their emotions, feelings, perception at the time…” (often fear)

How we handle the situation (our REACTIONS and ACTIONS) at the time is OUR responsibility.
We are the Captains of our own ships… no one can hurt us without our permission.

I am learning that this lesson is one that may never be mastered, but hopefully can be applied more successfully at each occurrence ~> (test) ~ x