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For a long time, I felt I needed to be more “qualified” before speaking or sharing on the ancient teachings of Theosophy. I realised this morning ~ that perhaps I was looking at things backwards. The Ancient Wisdoms can never be taught, they must be discovered within.

The more I study, the more I am humbled at how very little I actually know, very, VERY little. Zip really. I have come to understand that there are lifetimes upon lifetimes in which to learn ~ However, I can share ~> on my own experiences <~ of the lessons learned through the APPLICATION of the teachings (unto myself) and of my actions and reactions (which is all any of us have control over) ~ as I apply the teachings of compassion, kindness, gratitude, unconditional love, acceptance, unity and forgiveness. I am FAR from an expert, simply an eager student wishing to do my best, just like you.

“Yogi Philosophy” is a YouTube channel that keeps growing, but I keep waiting … for what, I don’t know. Over the last few years, I have voiced and uploaded some of the ancient texts to share with whoever finds them, my purpose, to lift the books off the dusty shelves and get them out into the digital world. They have helped me immensely <3 so much so, I wished to be of service and share them with others. ~ After learning a few difficult but necessary lessons on “principles vs personalities” within Theosophical circles ~ including experiences with those who have signed their own name to that which belongs to All of Humanity and solely to no one ~

Without fanfare, without separation, out from under ego ~ I hope to be of service ~ in Joy, Inclusion and Union with All ~ I will simply share my own experiences as I continue to learn from mistakes along the way ~  xx