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Screenshot 2014-03-08 16.02.16Feeling the loss and unimaginable pain of the friends and families that spent an agonizing wait in Malaysia at the airport ~~~~ for loved ones who never arrived  Bless each and every one ~♥ may comfort, love, light and strength surround them at this crushingly devastating time. It is those of us left behind that the pain engulfs and continues for ~ perhaps if we expand our consciousness to understand and even embrace that Transition WILL happen for ALL of us, it is as natural as birth ~ but may we also know that “death” is far from the “end” ~ we are eternal.

We are all here but just a moment, our tomorrow is ever guaranteed. The moment we arrive ~ the only thing that will most definitely come to pass is that we will leave our Earthly bodies.

Be sure to not only tell those you love that you love them, but spend the precious gifts OF your days together ~ thriving in that love and joy with one another ~♥ This time around is not the only one, nor is it the end. You are not separate ~ KNOW you will surely see and be with one another again ~♥ Xxx