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May the FORCE be (recognised) WITH (in) YOU!

At times we have all felt deeply inspired by the superhero/saviour in a hellish and nightmarish situation, passionately cheering them on as they fought insurmountable odds to triumph over adversity. It is the age old, classic plot of stories passed down through generation to generation and a favourite found in literature, books and movies; the brave protagonist risks everything to do the right thing, in the best interest of ALL and sometimes to even “save the world” itself, perhaps like Bruce Willis’ character, “Harry Stamper”, in the movie “Armageddon”.

To “overcome a monster” is the eternal human quest. But the true battle of Light against dark does not take place on an external battleground, but within us.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you…”

“Man requires but one church ~ the Temple of God within him.” ~ HPB

You are here in the physical world… right now… the only moment you will ever have.

Everything in life is a test. Everything and You are the hero/heroine!

It is not what you have, not what you look like, not what you own, not how many followers, views, or likes you have, not what others think of you.

It is the behaviour of the true you and who you ARE IN your role in the physical world. It is how you you treat others; Are you kind and compassionate… understanding and kind… patient and inclusive, yet not a victim? It IS how you behave and how you conquer not the world, but yourself.

Many who have seen a glimpse of the Light of the “Force” often succumb to the dark side of the glory of self. Not all but many in both past and present times.

Corruption/hierarchy/greed/control lurks behind the quite a few of the established institutions/organisations… and is clearly seen now in numerous self proclaimed gurus/gods and goddesses who, through their own confusion, are rapidly swept up by the reflection of their own self importance and are blinded by their own light.

This is a tale as old as time itself and we must always remember the treasured truth that: “The platforms from which the ancient wisdoms are to be taught are meant for the teachings, not the teacher”.

Through the study and more importantly the application of the ancient teachings we can become better than we used to be. This cannot be taught or bought… but they can be earned and learned.

“First deserve, then desire.” ~ HPB

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