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Alex Sunflower Alex’s BIRTH-day  Alexander literally made his entrance into this world ~ on National Television, on The Learning Channel’s “A Baby Story”. This began airing in January, 2000 right at the launch of reality television. Here is the beautiful story (and full episode) of the arrival of our precious Son ~ 15 years ago ~♥

It’s a beautiful remembrance and celebration of the birth of our Alex (This was a documentary, we were not paid actors, however the producers did “suggest” some dialogue <rolls eyes>  We had to fake this baby shower as the original one had already happened etc… This was 1999, the year of snow in Bakersfield, and the film crew could only come up for two shoots from Los Angeles due to the Grapevine being blocked!) ! WE LOVE YOU ALEXANDER!!! Happy BIRTHday Sweetheart!!!

Screenshot 2014-02-19 18.08.51

I had just given you your first kiss  in this picture Alex, the first of thousands upon thousands to come ~♥ I love you endlessly. Happy Birthday my Love ~♥ xx