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NDEs, OBEs and the Commonalities with the Ancient Wisdoms

The similarities of (NDEs) Near Death Experiences and (OBEs) Out of Body Experiences:

1) Feelings of deep, near unexplainable Bliss, Joy, Overwhelming Love, tremendous ecstasy etc…

2) Life Review/ Awareness of Karma ~ the sowing and reaping. That “We are not punished for our transgressions, we are punished by them.” ~ Y.R.

3) A sense of True Existence, more real than the physical world, brighter colours, more beautiful melodies. A strong sense of finally being belonging and being “home”.

4) An understanding of Unity/Oneness with all beings.

5) A feeling of lightness, freedom and true-self existing outside of the physical body.


These teachings date back countless millennia to Egypt and Greece and beyond, you will recognise them as the underlying base of most all of the world’s religions; there is the common foundation of; Compassion, Love, Empathy, Understanding and Co-existence and to treat others how you wish to be treated.

They’re origin still remains a mystery, they are older than time and can be found, if sought, in (but not limited to):

• Hermeticism
• The Timaeus of Plato and the teachings of Aristotle Pythagoras, Paracelsus…
• Kabbalah – The Zohar, The Talmud, The Torah
• In the Bible and Koran
• In the ancient Eastern Philosophies – Hinduism, in the Vedas and the Upanishads and The Bhavad Ghita
• In the writings of the Sufi poet, Rumi
• The teachings of the Cathars 
• The teachings of true Theosophy (Texts written down by Helena P. Blavatsky, William Q. Judge, Katherine Tingley, Robert Crosbie, John Garrigues etc…)


“The kingdom of Heaven is within You!”

“You have with you always the Real Self, which is a spark from the Divine Flame, and which will be as a lamp to your feet to show you the way.” ~ Yogi Ramacharaka

You don’t need anyone outside of yourself, you don’t need to visit any particular building or location or organisation to come to this understanding.

You certainly don’t need a guru or an ordained person to understand, study and apply these ancient teachings. This Divine Spark is within each and every one of us, every being, every living thing and everything.

The three chief objectives of Theosophy:

1) To form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of man, without distinction of race, colour, religion, or social position. (Unity)

2) The serious study of the ancient world-religions for purposes of comparison and the selection therefrom of universal ethics.

3) The study and development of the latent divine powers in man.

I do not speak on behalf of the Theosophical Society; I am simply a humble student of Theosophy and share with you my experiences of the practical application of these teachings in my daily life.

This can’t be taught or bought, stay away from anyone who wishes to charge you money or states that only “they” have this knowledge, YOU have access to it and can be earned and learned … through unselfish study and application.

But it can be earned (thought a pure heart) and it can be learned, the texts are out there… but this isn’t an academic or intellectual journey. You will find you have to sift through to find true sources with integrity and without personal ego attached. Many have tried to sign in vain their names to these ancient truths.

Perhaps it is time that together we tear down the outdated and dusty walls of organised religion that divide us ~ and return to our primeval foundations of Love.