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What you are looking for… You already have.

What is meditation? A mysterious and treasured state of being that seems to come easy for some, yet remains elusive to others…

Back in 1996 I was not the person that I am today, I was a rock radio disc jockey who lived a life of “sex, drugs and rock and roll”, throttle down, the whole package. But somewhere inside, there was a part of me who wanted to follow through with this quest.

What is this meditation? It sounded like once you get “there” then you have access to all the answers. One day while driving out the 46 to the coast from central California, I was listening to an audio book by Dr. Wayne Dyer and he strongly suggested taking a class in Transcendental Meditation.

“Okay then, that sounds easy…” I thought, I’ll sign up for that and once I learn how to meditate properly, I can finally reach this obscure plateau of “there” and that will be fantastic! For some reason, I believed these Transcendental Meditation classes to be like an instruction manual, like an actual map to a “spiritual orgasm” of sorts.

So off I go to sign up for the class, the registration papers clearly stated that clients must not have ingested any alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, cocaine or drugs of any kind in the last 24 hours. Whoops! Anyway, I followed through, took the class and went back over the months to attend the “check up” classes. As I fumbled with this silencing of the mind, I kept wondering how everybody else was progressing. They all seemed so calm and quiet sitting around the room… you could hear them breathe, burp, fart etc, but I wanted to understand what was going on in their minds. Was I doing this correctly? What was happening in mine was: “My leg hurts. I have to go to the bathroom. Did they just fart? How long is this supposed to last? When do I get THERE there? What is happening? Why isn’t this working? I don’t know… I can smell that person’s breath. I can hear my tummy rumbling. HOW did Dan Folgelberg’s ex-girlfriend that he met in the supermarket have THAT much free time on Christmas Eve if she was married?!

Things like this kept circling in my mind and finally I realised that “that” was not “It”. I was crushed that this was not happening for me. Wasn’t this the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s program, the same guru that the Beatles met with back in 1967? Yes, the Transcendental Meditation program, to “transcend”. They recommend 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

Now, through the years (and I’ve had lots of personal evolutions since then), I would go back to meditation and think, “Well, maybe… it will work now.” I have been sober for 15 years and thought maybe that is it. Perhaps it will work now!” However, when and if I missed a session in the morning, I would feel guilty. It was not dissimilar to going to the gym. As you know the hardest part about going to the gym, is physically “going” to the building… actually getting your body there then the tough part is over.

Believe it or not, I used to work out every day, religiously. I was a lot thinner, but I was nowhere near as happy as I am today. I used to think that once I reached a certain goal… a BMI or desired weight, then that would equate to happiness, I have found that that simply is not true. I sure busted my arse, for years trying to be something that I am not. I have found that true happiness is in acceptance of what is and that includes what your body is genetically meant to be. Moderate, sensible eating and exercise is the theme of the now and I am fit but I am also 50 years old but now during physicals at the doctors, I am very healthy and I am grateful for that.

So, back to meditation… what is it. How come I can’t get there? What IS it? To this day, I still have a sign on my office door that reads “Meditating”, because as recently as two years ago, I would dutifully hang it up, and sit in here trying to “get there” and the same thing happened. “I have to go to the bathroom. My leg hurts. What is that noise? I forgot to buy Mango Chutney at the store. What am I making for dinner tonight? Bla bla bla!

We have talked about the writings of Yogi Ramacharaka here on Yogi Theosophy and you may know by now that this was one of several pen names used by William Walker Atkinson, an attorney, author and publisher who produced many books during the “New Thought Movement”, it is my personal belief that Atkinson wrote the teachings down, he was the scribe. From the book “Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy…” it is written on meditation:

“… Does not teach that man should sit around doing nothing but meditating, with his gaze fastened upon his umbilicus, as is the custom of *some who *imitate the terms and language of the Yogi teachers, and prostitute their teachings.

On the contrary, it teaches that it is man’s duty and glorious privilege to participate in the world’s work, and that he who is able to do something a little better than it has ever been done before is a benefactor to humanity.”
Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy…

That makes a bit more sense to me. But what is “Yogi” then? And Yoga…?

Yoga is absolutely huge now, and seen mainly as an exercise, postures, healthy lifestyle etc… Countless definitions can be found online.

To me a “yogi” means a student, a practitioner, one who “combines or joins together”,… a particularly reflective or mystical person. To me personally I hear “student “or one who studies and applies the ancient wisdoms.

A Yogi is someone who is an active participant in Yoga, which is far more than solely the physical exercise of postures and breathing. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that combines physical, mental and spiritual principles to attain the union of the self with the Supreme Being or ultimate principle that resides within. And that is our goal with meditation. The question then is; “What is a Yogi?” You’re here on Yogi Theosophy… you want to find out the answers too.

It is amazing how many people write in to this channel because they have the answers. They say “Oh, no…no… no. This isn’t correct, because in MY book that I have written, it says this…”

Lol! I find the more I study these books, these ancient texts… Theosophy, the Kabbalah… all of these teachings, these ancient wisdoms that I have FAR more questions than I do answers. It is interesting how many people come in with unlimited finite answers to infinite questions. You don’t need anybody else; nobody else can have the answers FOR you but you.

Please listen closely, if you have to pay for it, then it is not genuine, it is not real. I cannot emphasise that enough.

Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita explains the traits of a “yogi” brilliantly, from Chapter 16:

“Fearlessness, purity of heart, perseverance in acquiring wisdom and in practicing yoga, charity, subjugation of the senses, performance of holy rites, study of the scriptures, self-discipline, straightforwardness;

Noninjury, truthfulness, freedom from wrath, renunciation, peacefulness, nonslanderousness, compassion for all creatures, absence of greed, gentleness, modesty, lack of restlessness;

Radiance of character, forgiveness, patience, cleanness, freedom from hate, absence of conceit—these qualities are the wealth of a divinely inclined person”

The Bhagavad-Gita

That is the best description of a Yogi that I have personally heard of… a divinely inclined person. And that is also why I believe you are here and why you are watching these videos.

I am here to tell you that you don’t need me. You don’t need anyone. What you are looking for is inside yourself so it’s not going to come from outside of you. No one can give it to you, no one can teach it to you, but it can be discovered within. Once you go inside and are quiet enough… Well, for me it is time spent in nature, walking among the trees and along the river. When I am out on those walks I find and have been able to access this quiet, this abstract and sacred space in between the thoughts.

Helena Blavatsky, not long before she passed away, dictated a particular diagram for mediation to a close associate named E. T. Sturdy. This diagram simply talks about the benefits… what you gain and what you lose through the practice of meditation.

You will also hear the Buddhists say that they have gained nothing through meditation but they have lost… fear, anger, worry, anxiety etc… and it’s basically the same thing. When we talk about Theosophy, it is the foundation of ALL the world’s religions and it goes back far beyond the organised religions of today.

HPB’s diagram of meditation is a helpful visual aid and please remember, it is not the only way, there are many… but this is one that helps me.

“First conceive of UNITY by Expansion in Space and infinite in Time”.

By stating that “I am all space and time”, you get beyond the physical senses, you get beyond self, you get beyond lust, greed and anger… and you actually get into a place where you feel more balanced and calm and dread and fear begin to fade … “I am all space and time… I am ALL space and time… I AM all space and time…”

HPB’s Meditation Diagram

We’ve talked about the macrocosm/microcosm, we’ve talked about the connection, but here we are focused on getting above yourself… getting above your lower self (your earthly personality of the five senses) and recognising and listening to your Higher self.

It is my personal belief and understanding, that in the Bhagavad Gita… read it for yourself and find your own understanding, please. Don’t just listen to me. I believe that Krishna is the higher self and Arjuna is the lower self. We all have this within us, we are all able to do this and we are able to access this. If we want to change the world, we can change ourselves. Sages throughout the ages have said that… but, how is it done? It is inside of you. Go inside and listen. And Hear. What you are looking for is inside yourself.

These people that are claiming that they are “ascended masters” … STOP IT, stop listening. DON’T PAY ANYBODY A SINGLE PENNY! Don’t do it.

IT IS INSIDE YOU. The Divine Spark is inside Yourself. What you are looking for, you already have.

Find something that is not … watching television, or watching these videos, find something that is a repetitive, pleasant, natural action. My Husband likes to restore antique furniture so when he is in that space, that is HIS “trees and river”.

For me, when I have finished the work that needs to be done, I am out there, on the trails, walking through the countryside. And when I am in that space… Oh my Goodness, I cannot even begin to tell you… I just want you to know, that what you are looking for, is INSIDE. Of. Yourself. You can find it… in the space between your thoughts.

In this physical world there is a lot of thinking, a lot of drama, a lot of having to figure things out. Try to go to where it is quiet. That is all. Just try to go into the quiet and stay there as long as you can, as often as you can. And if you miss a day, that is okay too. It doesn’t matter. Because what you are looking for… you already have. You don’t need anything else, you don’t need me… Everything that you need, YOU already HAVE.

Happy Meditating 🙂