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Screenshot_2014-03-10-13-08-54Back in January, on a lovely afternoon walk together,  Husband mentioned to me that he’d like to show me a gorgeous Tudor house (built around 1580) that he had felt strongly drawn to over the years and especially most recently.  We leisurely walked over  so I could take a look. There it stood, just a couple of minutes from the center of town and across the river.  A listed, historical building built during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First ~  over the centuries it was an old merchant’s house and shoppe. Strong, stoic, red stone supports flanked three floors stacked above with breathtaking period windows  jutting forward as they climbed ~  similar to the fairy-tale medieval homes we’ve seen in the villages of France.

“Whoa!” I said as I looked up and around, I could also see medieval walls that surrounded what appeared to be a courtyard! <gasp!> A COURTYARD!!! We’ve been dying for an outside space so the cats can go out and OH to have  a bit of a garden as we live right ON the High Street above the cars and commotion!  The windows were almost dreamlike as they told stories of centuries past. I wondered: What had been seen out of them, What had been seen within? How many souls have lived, loved, laughed and wept inside  these walls and behind those magnificent pieces of cut glass…

We held hands and stood before this building in awe.  “It is so very lovely… I wonder who owns it… or if it’s a rental.” I snapped a few shots of the house, hoping we didn’t appear totally “stalker status” or creep out the whoever lived there, wanting to savor the moment. We had no idea of what it looked like inside, it felt really, really good and we both really, REAL—llllly loved it.

On the way home as we were crossing the bridge I asked Husband to humor me with an exercise many are familiar with and one I had done with a very dear friend about 4 months back, a young lady who had surprisingly miraculous results.  I asked Christopher to simply imagine what it would feel like WHEN he put his house key in the door. What would it look like when he closed it behind him? Where would the cats be? I asked him to just pacify me and participate for just our walk of the length of the bridge and up to the main road  ~ and he did. Christopher told me with a warm smile “The paintings would look perfect on the walls.” “GREAT!” I said… “What about when you come home from work… this is the way you will go, from the train station… You’re coming home… slide your key in the door. How does it feel?”  Oh my God, He was brilliant!!!  Husband felt and became the owner of that house pretty much until we walked back up the High Street and stood outside our current home at the top of the Narrows. I smiled and said  “We will walk up here and remember when we lived here…”  We both looked up at our home and played the roles accordingly. It was wonderful but I will admit, I was at 40% faith/60% doubt ~ I knew  a home like that has to be pricey, especially in Totnes, it could easily  be snatched up from someone from London for several thousand pounds per month. But I set that aside for the moment, kept the pictures we took for a “vision board”  and we went about our lives.

I had a dentist appointment a few weeks later and our dentist is right across the road from this house. Feeling joyous in spite of the dreadful wet and windy weather, I got a “wild hair” while waiting for my appointment and jotted a message across my business card; “If this house ever comes up for rent, please give us a call. ~ then added a smiley face  :)” I tucked it in my pocket and thought “Why not? You never know…”  On the way home, I dropped the card through the shiny mail slot in the Tudor home’s thick, black door.  As it left my fingers and dropped to their floor, I sent with it ~  well wishes, love and a bit of hope.  I decided we would.should keep our eyes open for the “For Rent” sign when it appeared.

I casually mentioned dropping the card  to Husband that night over dinner and very soon after, the phone rang. It was the owner of THE house!!! He said something along the lines of “Hello Anne, you don’t know me, but I am the owner of the Tudor House on Bridgetown ~ Funny that you should pop your card through the door today as my tenants rang me just 3 days ago, they have just bought a house and will be moving out by April 5th, she called tonight with your information, call back anytime.” :O!!!!!

We invited this nice gentleman over for tea so we could all meet and see what he thought. We still hadn’t seen the inside of the house, but we really liked him and I believe he liked us so we left it at that. I told him of the rent we are paying (which I was sure was far below what he would be asking for a property like that) he didn’t flinch much, just wanted to see what we thought of the house as he had made many improvements to it.

A couple of weeks go by and he calls to let us know he has spoken to  the tenants and we can go see the inside. Deep in our hearts, we felt as though we would love it no matter what and…. <sigh!>  we were not disappointed!  NEVER has a home been more perfect!  We were LIT-TERR-Uhhhl-LEEY beside ourselves!!! Three floors, three bathrooms, beautiful views, PARKING!!! (which is almost as rare as having a garage in Chelsea, London!!!) A courtyard surrounded by ancient walls, laundry room, QUIET, peaceful bedroom, oak floors in the kitchen, massive rooms, a layout that will be perfect for Alex ~ he gets the whole top floor and his own bathroom! It even has a separate studio with two sets of French doors that lead out into gorgeous garden enclosure.  Christopher and I pretty much floated and gushed to each other all the way home, we were SO excited!!!  Neither one of us has ever loved a home more. The only thing to do was call our new landlord to confirm the rent.

It was SO important for us to remain in the space of “joy and celebration” than in a space of lack and fear, which was hard to do as so much was riding on that phone call.  We are stretched crazily tight financially at the moment, but aren’t we all 😉  I called him and made an offer of just a bit more than I thought we could afford and he was surprisingly a bit quiet and hesitant…  and said he would get back to us. We were devastated!  Wha???  If he was to consult a rental agency we would definitely be outbid, it could easily fetch a couple thousand pounds a month! There are few to ZERO properties that come up available in Totnes, certainly none that were remotely in our price range and we were sure there was no other home quite like that one.  Living right on top of the traffic, pubs and noise made our current home seem  strange, foreign and cartoon like damp and cramped after seeing this new house.  It felt like we would never be the same again…

Regardless of our fear of the unknown and not knowing “How” it will happen, we did our best to remain in a high, happy vibrational state. That house was ours~ It. was. just. simply. OURS.   We placed ourselves back in that bright living room, quaint kitchen, in the SUN on that courtyard as we waited to hear from our new landlord. This went against every grain of our brains! But we did it ~ and when in Glastonbury while having lunch together, we had a moment of inspiration. This man had put so much into the house, thousands of thousands of pounds… Although we felt that this house belonged to us, it’s not fair to expect him to negotiate down £200 pounds down from where he already sat.  We realized with a jolt, that WE were coming from a “scarcity” mindset… a “We can’t afford more than…” mindset. For God’s sake… let’s call him before he gets anyone else in there and offer  bit more and then increase our income. I’ve started my Confidence and Communication workshops and coaching to add to my radio income and we don’t have to worry about the “How” just yet, let’s just do it!

It was one of the scariest phone calls I have ever made, but mustering up the courage in the car, before we left Glastonbury that afternoon, I called and offered just a bit more and I heard a gentle smile upon his lips when he said “It’s all yours then.” ~ We move in on April 5th.

The exercise of “What does it feel like when you slide your key in the door, what do you see?” took place last October with the lovely Ms Sarah who suddenly found she would have to move and desperately wanted to know that she had a place ~ a safe and secure sanctuary.  We went on a walk along the Dart that day last Autumn, and I asked her the same ~ mostly out of wanting to find something that would comfort her and give her hope… Would she humor me enough to visualize just for a few feet what it would feel like; Where is the bathroom? What do the floors look like? The Sun coming in through the windows… Do you have a garden? Etc…  I walked alongside of her with my hopes high-ish, but also half-heartedly as I know that affordable rentals in Totnes are almost impossible to come by, I did my best to encourage her and she splendidly and passionately opened her mind and her heart.

I’ve got to give all the credit to Sarah and the Absolute as two days later at our local shoppe, I asked her how things were going in the search for her new home.  She beamed with happiness and pride as she told me that a studio rental had come available and it was ON THE STREET RIGHT WHERE WE DID THE EXERCISE!!! In exactly the same spot she did her visualization and manifesting, matter of fact, it was just a few feet from where we  stopped ~ a gorgeous studio flat with massive windows, a garden and that allows cats and completely ridiculously affordable.   Unadvertised too… she was at work and a woman overheard her speaking with a co-worker about her house hunting woes, she owned this studio and asked if Sarah was interested.  I was gobsmacked and also quite inspired.

I have seen this force/law/occurrence happen in life ~ but rarely in such a controlled manner.  The Law of Attraction is as real as the Law of Gravity but is more of a Universal Law of Quantum Physics and Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Force/Source. It is is an equal opportunity INCREDIBLE, AVAILABLE non-religious phenomenon.  Much like what I spoke about in the video of “The 150 Things” that led to my meeting Christopher.

Last Spring, Husband and I jotted down a list of what we wanted in a  home. Below is a copy of that picture and piece of paper that has hung patiently above my computer ~ With tears of gratitude I humbly and enthusiastically am SO proud to say that our new home,  has all but multiple fireplaces ~ We’ve yet to find out about the Ghosts 😉   GRATEFUL!!!!! ~<3

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