The Suffering of humanity is caused by the selfishness of mankind

Many of us have felt or are feeling an intense/internal awareness of compassion and of the suffering of humanity.

We must step out of the age-old superstition of waiting for a supernatural, spiritual superhero to descend from the sky. Let us stop looking outside ourselves to instead BECOME individual units of empathy, love and light TOGETHER… By studying, applying and becoming the ancient teachings we directly affect those around us through acts of unselfishness, kindness and understanding ~ this attitude and these actions by contagion will begin to make the difference we so desperately seek.

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Go Science! GO Theosophy!

“Theosophy is not a belief or dogma formulated or invented by man, but is a knowledge of the laws which govern the evolution of the physical, astral, psychical, and intellectual constituents of nature and of man… Theosophy is a scientific ‘religion’ and a religious science.”

But is NOT to be confused with Religion/Religion or Christian Science or Scientology (!)… etc!

We can form that brotherhood of Humanity
by becoming individual units of love ~ Together.

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Humanity’s One Hope

“Theosophy was once the universal religion of mankind, and is destined to be the universal religion of the future. Even now its great principles are permeating thought and action everywhere, and everywhere the most advanced mind are looking forward to the idea of a universal religion as Humanity’s one hope.”

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First Yogi Theosophy LIVE: “How it Began”

Here is an insight into the “how it all began” and the who, whats and whens of what I am doing here on Yogi Theosophy. I also share about the discovery my first Theosophical text, for within its pages lie treasured and timeless teachings that have changed my life, so significantly that I feel I must share them with you.

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May the Force be (recognised) With (in) You!

May the FORCE be (recognised) WITH (in) YOU!

To “overcome a monster” is the eternal human quest. But the true battle of Light against dark does not take place on an external battleground, but within us.

This is a tale as old as time itself and we must always remember the treasured truth that: “The platforms from which the ancient wisdoms are to be taught are meant for the teachings, not the teacher”.

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Taming the “wild beast” within all of us ~ The ego/Lower self

There is a niggly gut feeling that swells up within. You know it well, the viciously vociferous “voice” that engulfs you in the need to prove yourself right.

It takes offence, judges, condemns, gets angry, feels hurt, is full of envy and is ridiculously jealous, especially when wonderful things happen for other people, people you love, adore and cherish. It also criticises the crap out of you, fills you with doubt and berates you endlessly with horrifically hurtful commentary… Ironically it will tell you, that you are special, separate and better than everyone else.

Have you ever questioned this “voice’s” validity? It has been with you all along, it has been called your “ego,” your “lower self,” your “false self” etc.

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