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How do you feel when you see a swastika?

This ancient, sacred symbol of Pure, Divine energy and auspiciousness, of good luck and good fortune, a primeval holy representation of Cosmic Evolution and Creation.

“…It is the Alpha and the Omega of universal creative Force, evolving from pure Spirit and ending in gross Matter. It is also the key to the cycle of Science, divine and human; … So ancient is the symbol and so sacred, that there is hardly an excavation made on the sites of old cities without its being found.”   ~ From “The Secret Doctrine”   Written down by H. P. Blavatsky

Unfortunately, in the western world, a wide majority of us feel the Swastika represents prejudice, fear, division and hate… meaning the intentional smear campaign of dishonour still reigns successful.

The Swastika and words like “Brotherhood”, “Aryan” and “Race” have literally been lifted from the ancient wisdoms and hijacked, stolen and corrupted. In our recent history, these eternally sacred representations have been purposefully perverted to reflect the exact opposite of their holy, primeval intention.



It is important to understand that “Race” simply means a period of time in humanity, a stage of human evolution and most definitely not ethnicity.

“Theosophy is the inner life in every religion. It is no new religion, but as old as truth itself… to bring men and women together as co-workers for a great and universal purpose; and the first step towards that end is to accentuate the fact that man is divine, and that to help create a nucleus of universal brother-hood, based on the Divinity of Man and the Immortality of the Soul, is the duty of every human being.”

~ Katherine Tingley

Aryan: means “honourable, respectable, and noble” comes from the classical Sanskrit (Aryavarta) meaning the ancient (Mother Land) from wish ALL of the various cultures of the world descend.

When looking at our lives from a “Google Earth” Theosophical view, Racism has no place and makes no sense. We are essentially fighting and choosing to hate one another based on the biological clothing we are assigned this particular lifetime.

“Then the Society will live on into and through the twentieth century. It will gradually leaven and permeate the great mass of thinking and intelligent people with its large-minded and noble ideas of Religion, Duty, and Philanthropy. Slowly but surely it will burst asunder the iron fetters of creeds and dogmas, of social and caste prejudices; it will break down racial and national antipathies and barriers, and will open the way to the practical realization of the Brotherhood of all men.”

H.P.B. From: ~ “The Key to Theosophy”

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