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The Hellish reason we call it Alcohol

The subject of this blog is likely to be painfully unpopular for a couple of reasons that should become more obvious as you read along.

Recently, I was sent a brilliant article called “The Spiritual Consequences of Alcohol Consumption” by Zahrah Sita and asked what my thoughts were … I trembled with recognition; this horrifying truth echoed my own experience and is synonymous with the ancient wisdoms.

The origin of the word alcohol is grippingly interesting and insightful; from old Arabic, the word Al ġūl literally means “The Ghoul”, genie, spirit or demon. Al ġūl is the origin of the English word “ghoul” which means a demon believed to rob graves and devour corpses.

Algol, also derived from Al ġūl is the name of “The Demon Star” in the constellation Perseus. In mythology, Perseus is known for slaying the dragon/demon by cutting off its head. In astronomy, the star Algol represents the head of the Gorgon, therefore, Algol is synonymous with losing your head, being out of your head, being decapitated or experiencing a death, great difficulty, pain, suffering, trauma, drama etc…

It is also compelling to note the similarities between “Gin” and “Jinn”, G.I.N. – Gin supposedly gets its name from Geneva, Switzerland, but no one seems to be able to figure out why… or possibly it was the juniper berries that long ago were added to gin for flavour and to improve taste.

“Jinn” in Arabian and Muslim mythology, means Demon, Spirit, Angel or Genie, an intelligent spirit but lower ranking than the Devas or Angels, able to appear in human and animal forms and to possess humans. Jinn can also mean insane or to hide, possess or conceal and even “beings that are concealed from the senses“.

Jinn on Wikipedia

Helena P. Blavatsky wrote down in “The Key to Theosophy” (Section 13) and in the Collected Writings; “No wine, no spirits, or opium should be used; for these are like the Lhamayin  (evil spirits), who fasten upon the unwary, they devour the understanding.” And; “The use of alcohol, has a “directly pernicious (destructive) action upon the brain, particularly the pineal gland and the pituitary gland.  Alcohol prevents the development of the ‘third eye’.”

“The use of wine, spirits, liquors of any kind, or any narcotic or intoxicating drug, is strictly prohibited. If indulged in, all progress is hindered, and the efforts of teacher and pupil alike are rendered useless” (Blavatsky, Collected Writings XII: 496).

“…For alcohol in all its forms has a direct, marked, and very deleterious *(harmful, poisonous, deadly) influence on man’s psychic condition.” (The Key to Theosophy)

  From “The Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism”: “…Undeveloped souls … hang around the scenes of their old degrading lives, and often take possession of the brain of one of their own kind, who may be under the influence of liquor, and thus add to his own low desires.” ~ Ramacharaka (Ramacharaka is a pseudonym used by one of the most prolific writers of the New Thought movement: Attorney, businessman, freemason, magazine editor and author; William Walker Atkinson.)

 You might know that American Indians call Alcohol “fire water” and many alcoholic drinks are referred to as “spirits”, but why? Some say that it was the early monks who coined the term “spirit”, because during the distillation process, this represented the condensation or vapour that rose up from the grains. But I believe there’s much more to the story… I drank until I became a spirit, until I was literally a ghost of myself.  This mug shot was one of four taken during the spring of 2002.

And in surviving this hell bent, self-destruction I ask; Has alcohol really ever led to positive outcomes other than a brief temporary reprieve of the senses? Things like donating one’s time to charitable causes, genuinely helping fellow humans, planting new trees and flowers, becoming a better person or compassion, kindness, and peace?

NO, most often it is quite the opposite; like rampant, wanton lust that includes wishing to have sex with everybody around you. Alcohol tells you that that is the best idea EVER! In no time at all it leads to someone calling the police, to fighting, fear and anger, surely you have noticed that too. When my husband and I went to go see the movie “The Conjuring” during the the possession scene I remember leaning over to him and saying THAT is what it feels like, that’s alcoholism. It feels like you’re in there somewhere, but have been taken over by something much more powerful than you. We do things that we would NEVER, ever do, we put ourselves in places we would never even dream of when we are not inebriated. You would never do that to yourself, but a little alcohol and you most certainly do, and the nightmare continues and the real life waiting for you after you sober up descends further and further down into degradation and disgrace beyond human comprehension. Folklore and Hollywood may have come up with the bright red, pointy horned, cloven hooved fellow with pokey little pitchforks but that is a fun filled fairy tale compared to what can be accessed by numbing your body into becoming a vacant shell.

Yes, picking up the drink originally is a choice, so is putting it down. But sometimes, if you are like me, alcohol welcomes our grasp and with malevolent reciprocity and clamps down with a red-hot, razor sharp vice grip.

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