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We all share the Path, together, each of us at our own level of current understanding and evolution. I am simply a dedicated and fellow student of the ancient wisdoms. As a former broadcaster, I use my media and communication skills along with my voice to help share the teachings in humble service to all of Humanity, as an advocate for compassion and Theosophy.



These sacred, ageless wisdoms belong to ALL and solely to none; I believe they should always be free, easily accessible and available to everyone.



E-books here in the Yogi Theosophy digital bookshop are offered for download at no cost and the paperbacks published on global retailers are set at the lowest possible cost to cover printing alone.


For the last few years Yogi Theosophy has been an evolving and involving labour of love but recently the work has grown substantially and I have now stepped in full time.


I am grateful for any kindhearted and generous support you are able to share through contributions, donations and/or sponsorships. Any amount you are able to share makes a difference, no matter how small.


I have voiced several audiobooks that I hope can help fund the continuing work they are available in the bookshop or there are combination options available:




GOLD Support Tier: 


 Your donation of £22 gives you ALL THREE audiobooks at the additional discount:

1) “Voice of the Silence

2) “Light on the Path


3) “Yogi Philosophy (Theosophy)


*Combined retail price £30.78




SILVER Support Tier: 


Your donation of £19 gives you two audiobooks at the additional discount:

1) “Voice of the Silence 


2) “Yogi Philosophy (Theosophy)

*Combined retail price (£25.78)


BRONZE Support Tier:   

Your donation of £17 gives you two audiobooks with the additional discount:

1) “Light on the Path


2) “Yogi Philosophy (Theosophy)

*Combined retail price £24.39



Everything will be put to very good use and your gentle thoughtfulness makes it possible to continue sharing the ancient knowledge and Divine wisdoms around the globe.

I also offer an empathetic heart, encouragement and a listening ear for fellow students on the Path who may have questions or wish to discuss and share their experience. I am on GMT (London) time and can offer 30 minute time slots with a suggested donation of £25.


To schedule an individual phone conversation or a face to face via Facetime or Skype or if you are interested in supporting Yogi Theosophy through hosting an on site Talk or Discussion Circle please drop a line to


Thank you, I love you.