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A.K. is a former Radio Presenter ~ speaker, voice and dedicated student of Theosophy.

These timeless and treasured teachings do not originate with A.K., they are as old as time itself. Their application and study has led to significant changes; a sense of understanding and calm (in spite of life’s “storms”) well being, altruism, compassion, understanding and purpose, they also offer positive influence on relationships and in all aspects of day to day life. 

Embers of this sacred knowledge can faintly be seen through the veils of almost every religion, including the new age movement. Although each doctrine seems to have a piece of this grail, none contain it in its entirety. Though A.K.’s understandings at this time are finite and elementary, with honour and humility, she is happy to share experience gained through the application, study and assimilation of these sacred, significant ancient wisdoms with any and all who wish to hear.


Exeter College Journalism Students 2012 – 2017


  • “AMAZING confidence booster ~ Great tips for how to be BETTER! Thank you.”
  • “Today’s session was great! Everything that was said today has really inspired me and I’m feeling a lot more positive. ~Jemma”
  • “I have enjoyed learning how to deal with stress and anxiety.”
  • “So inspiring. Make me relax about the future. Thank you ~ Brandon”
  • “To be who you are and it’s okay to be just that.”
  • “Very inspirational, want to now re-evaluate how I think about life.”
  • “Very inspirational and Clear ~ you can tell that Anne believes what she says and it’s real, even if other people doubt what she says ~ James”
  • “Interesting talk, very mood and confidence boosting!”
  • “The talk was very motivational and made a lot of sense. It was very interesting, funny and put a different perspective on life.”
  • “Inspiring. Engaging. Eye opening!”
  • “I feel inspired :)”
  • “Lots of energy in her voice and very inspiring”
  • “I try to always think positive so I found it inspiring to delve deeper into our subconscious. It’s difficult to change your way of thinking and think it’s important to love yourself. I like the fact that instead of saying things like “be organised; it was actually helpful, especially for Deep thinkers”
  • “Amazing speaker and very inspirational! Gives you a confidence boost to focus on yourself ? ~ Sophie”
  • “I really enjoyed the talk – very eye opening. Gave me a more positive outlook. Amazing Lady.”
  • “Inspirational! ~ You are like my twin, I understood you perfectly! Thanks ~ x.”
  • “Anne Kelly – The honesty and the clarity of her message was inspiring.”
  • “Your speech was awesome, so much energy and style. Woah! Thanks.”
  • “Reassuring and very supportive of rice” (Dr. Emoto Experiment)
  • “Dynamic and upbeat way of getting the message across, using philosophy quotes and studies to give advice that can be applied to our careers and all walks of life.”
  • “Thank you Anne, I feel you came here just for me! An inspirational and motivational presentation.”
  • ” I really enjoyed the session today, made me look at things differently.”
  • “Really interesting and a great delivery!”
  • “It was very inspiring and brilliant. I found it very funny ? and what we want to be WE can be!”
  • “Thank you. Inspirational.”
  • “Thank you Anne Kelly, it was really inspirational talk and makes you look at life in a whole new perspective and value it more xx”
  • “I thought it was very uplifting, I hope one day that I can use what Anne taught me today in my everyday life.”
  • “Really motivational. Made me realize that a lot of my problems are actually manageable ? I’m a very un-confident person so it was very helpful.”
  • “Your presentation was moving and motivating. I will take a lot of the information away with me, thank you.”
  • “I found it very inspiring and have definitely learned a lot.”
  • “Really inspiring, THANK YOU.”
  • “Really inspirational and encouraging.”
  • “Motivational, inspirational, Amazing.”
  • “Thank you for such an inspiring session. There are some really good and important points to take away.”
  • “Puts things in better perspective. Makes me feel better.”
  • “Made me feel good.”
  • “It was really good and positive. It made me look at my life more positively.”
  • “An incredibly successful masterclass yesterday with Anne Kelly, – probably the most positive we’ve had this year.” Russ Evans ~ Exeter College
  • 5th February, 2014 ~ Plymouth University:
  • “Great lecture! Writing down my 5 problems made me realize that I cannot change them so there is nothing to worry about! You are very inspiring! x”
  • “Thank you so much. Although I am told things like this everyday, it has genuinely resonated with me today. I have to let go of negative thoughts in my life, I feel I can find inner peace. E-mail me!”
  • “re: Dr. Emoto ~> Amazing! Thanks for the info! Thanks so much Anne, really enjoyed that! You articulated perfectly! I support these with mental health issues – these are the things I try to help them with!”
  • “Thank you for your inspirational talk Anne! x”
  • “Fantastic, inspiring, life affirming!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”
  • “Great talk. Very inspiring and thought provoking.”
  • “Really enjoyed the hour with Anne, wish we had longer! Was very encouraging and enthusiastic.”
  • “Fantastic, been in an abnormally bleak mood of late and it helped re-set me to my default cheer again. Thanks so much! xox!
  • “Thank you so much for being inspirational and triggering something inside of me. I will continue to spread this message until everyone, Everywhere is happy and free!
  • “It was an extremely helpful workshop and made me feel a lot more confident about what I want to do in the future. Inspirational!” — Kieran Lewis


  • “Brilliant confidence booster. Invigorating and full of life presentation which will definitely encourage me to look at the behaviour of journalism in a different way. Thanks!” – Charlette Prudent
  • “Priceless advice, great way of putting things in context. Interesting and lively.”
  • “Inspiring insight into communications. Well worth the time and transferable skills.”
  • “It was a very inspiring and encouraging talk which will definitely help for future careers, interviews, etc.”
  • “It was great, really inspiring and has given me inspiration. I think that your past work experience opened up the doors.”
  • “Really fun, really useful, thank you so much! It was great to have fun and learn practical things. I will use these tips in the future.”
  • “Really good workshop! I felt it was an inspiring and thoughtful 1 ½ hours.”
  • “A thought provoking speech which will be transferable into the present.”
  • “Fantastic – really inspiring and engaging – thank you. Great to hear about her experience and gave some really useful advice about the future.”