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“The Lower Self – Ego

There is a niggly gut feeling that swells up within. You know it well, the viciously vociferous “voice” that engulfs you in the need to prove yourself right.

It takes offence, judges, condemns, gets angry, feels hurt, is full of envy and is ridiculously jealous, especially when wonderful things happen for other people, people you love, adore and cherish. It also criticises the crap out of you, fills you with doubt and berates you endlessly with horrifically hurtful commentary… Ironically it will tell you, that you are special, separate and better than everyone else.

Have you ever questioned this “voice’s” validity? It has been with you all along, it has been called your “ego,” your “lower self,” your “false self” etc.

Start to listen and hear this voice, acknowledge it with detachment and unconditional love and know you do not have to act on it. It will become easier to identify… and finally begin to fade into silence the longer you do this.”

From “Reflections and Afterthoughts” ~ the last chapter in “Yogi Philosophy”. Link below 🙂