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“Your perfect mate is out there.” he said. I didn’t believe Dr. Ed, but did it anyway.

I wrote down One hundred and fifty things.  I scoffed at first as I put pen to paper and then would tuck my scribblings away. But I returned to it. The traits came to me slowly at first, but over a few days I began to think of more and more. Near the end, I was going for it… I thought, “Why not?”  If this works, why not put it all out there. Dr. Ed said that the list would get easier to fill as I went along and he was right.

Actually this is the preface to how I met Christopher, as we actually didn’t meet until 2008.

I just had no idea how right Dr. Ed  was ~  😉 I’m so grateful that I put my initial skepticism aside and made the effort to do what he suggested.

I have come to know that there is MUCH more to our thoughts, emotions and beliefs than we have currently understood.  Our thoughts AND FEELINGS create our reality. OUR lives absolutely are the reflection of our minds.

If you are interested, I suggest this to you to try as well as I have lived this myself and know for a fact and without a doubt ~ that it works.

I’ve tried to contact Dr. Ed Wignall. I’ve often smiled to myself thinking how awesome it would be to tell him how his long-ago lunchtime advice changed my life! Sadly, I have not been able to successfully track him down. I’d love to wrap my arms around him and thank him for the gift of this immeasurable wisdom. I have only shared this story with a cherished few over the years, as I needed time to experience it’s fruition before I share it publicly.

Below is the text from Dr. Ed’s original e-mail from 2004:

“Hi Anne,

There are only two things in life that are truly of any importance; Where you are going and who is going with you.  Follow your heart. Take the time to write down EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted in a perfect companion. Your head will tell you  that you can not have that, but follow your heart.  Write down 150 things you want in your special person.  The truth will  set you free ~ and you make yourself available for the magic to happen.

There is a simple rule that seems to be the underpinning for everything. Keep your eye on the “what” (your vision-what was placed on your heart) and do not be concerned about the how. Do the next right thing. This is the magic of faith. Put another way, is that you see the INVISIBLE and expect the INCREDIBLE <~ And ACT like it.  What happens is what observers call “miracles.” Live in the solution (your vision) with everything that happens (whatever you in the moment say is good or bad) – Ask the question: “How and I to use this?”  Answers just come – do not force it. Start enjoying the journey. All of the Journey.

You and I both know from our own experience that we have gotten into things we thought were bad but turned out good and things that we thought were good and seemed to turn out bad. We do not know in the moment, the big picture – so the wisest thing to do is say “Thank you,” especially when things seem to hurt.

Practical faith works magic. Go ALREADY live in the magic. You have the opportunity of a life time – to play life on the big stage – so enjoy it. Something has spoken to your heart – respect it.

Your friend of the West Coast of Arizona – Ed”