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Available November 2015 in Paperback and Kindle ~ 

The purpose of republishing these lessons with a modern introduction is to place them out in front once again. I wish to make them visible on bookshelves and online, so that any and all may be able to study, learn and grow from them as I have been able to do.  I have also included some of my journey along the way  in “Digital Afterthoughts and Reflections” at the end of the book.

These “Fourteen Lessons” are an introduction to some of the most important recorded wisdoms of our time. Embers of this sacred knowledge can faintly be seen through the veils of almost every religion, including the new age movement. Each doctrine seems to have a piece of this grail, but none contain it in its entirety. This book contains the original correspondence course, mailed out monthly over a century ago, to the homes of eager students of esoteric philosophy, (the course’s mantrams, meditations and class notes have been included as well).


Humanity’s eternal quest for the meaning of life so often leads to the ageless axiom: “Man, know thyself.” Within this book are elementary teachings on the Law of Karma (spiritual cause and effect,) the material/physical body, the instinctive mind, spiritual consciousness, global unity, Oneness, Compassion and Love.

We humans are extraordinary biological/spiritual machines with vast and untapped abilities, this book offers insights on: the pineal gland, Prana and Pranic healing, the meaning of auras and their colours, the true power of thought and emotion, the astral world, what happens after the change called “death” and so much more. For me, the discovery of this course opened the door to the invaluable ancient esoteric wisdoms and scientific/spiritual teachings of Theosophy.

Many of you know, I am  a loyal student of Theosophy, a journey that began with the discovery of the teachings contained within this book. My studies led to the Theosophical Society in London and now continue with the Universal Lodge of Theosophists. In service to all of Humanity, I wish to dedicate my life and voice to the purpose of sharing this significantly important knowledge.

The original “Correspondence Class Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism” lessons were written down by “Yogi Ramacharaka” and mailed out to students in November of 1903. I explain much of this in the introduction at the beginning of this book. The identity of “Yogi Ramacharaka” remains a mystery to this day ~ it is one of the several pen names used by William Walker Atkinson (5th December 1862 – 22nd November 1932).

I have made slight edits to the original writings, updating and realigning the language of the period. The original Lessons and their message remain intact.


The images on the cover were photographed in our garden outside the studio during the voicing of the audio for this book. Husband Christopher created images using chance combinations of light and water to produce visuals that might be used to illustrate this book. These photos were captured within minutes of each other and stood out remarkably from hundreds of others.

The Kindle version is available here


The Paperback should arrive for final approval this week and will be available on Amazon around the world and several bookstores here in the UK. I will upload the link when it becomes available.

With so much love,

~ Anne x