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The “Magic Potato”

We have been told that man is a reflection of God… but perhaps it would be more accurate to say that “God” is a reflection of Man at whatever our current stage of evolution and understanding. Attributes like rage, anger, jealousy and taking sides are certainly very human.

How on earth can we say with confidence that we completely understand something? It is impossible for us to do so.  Yet there are many men and women here on Earth that claim to KNOW all about this Absolute Force that is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent on a multitude of different levels of planes and dimensions, the multi-universal macrocosm and microcosm, the beginning and end of ALL things everywhere. For we humans to even think we absolutely, positively know ANYTHING for certain about God is beyond arrogant.

Many of us are taught the religion we are born into, for example, let’s say that our parents told us about “The Magic Potato” because their parents told them about the magic potato… since THEIR parents told them about the magic potato! When my parents told me about the magic potato, when I was old enough, I asked, “What does this “Magic Potato” taste like?” They emphatically explained, “Well, it just tastes like … you know, um, it’s creamy, it’s uhmmm… delicious! It will save your life and you must love it!” For everyone knows You HAVE to love the magic potato, as a matter of fact, all that truly matters in this life is that you love the potato! As long as you show up twice a week at (insert designated man-made building here ~> ) to prostrate and proclaim how MUCH you love the potato is all you ever need to do for you shall then be saved for all eternity!”

I asked, “What about those people over there who are eating sweet potatoes. what happens to them?” The solemn answer comes, “Well, they are all going straight to hell to burn forever in eternal damnation because they did not eat OUR potato!”

“The kingdom of heaven is within you,” we’ve also been told this time and again. How can we possibly know what a potato tastes like unless we have actually tasted one ourselves. How can we truly know something that we have never experienced? How is it that we continue to condemn others who speak of and know their own truth? What right do we have to force OUR inner beliefs on another human being?

Let us change our analogous examples from mere vegetables to the centre of our own solar system, the Sun. Now, I look out and can see the sun our the window as I sit typing here, in the southwest of the United Kingdom, Greenwich Mean Time and at this very same time there are others on our beautiful globe who see only darkness, no Sun in their visible sky at all. Does that mean that the sun doesn’t exist? What about people atop the highest of mountains with nothing blocking their vision, they see a glorious, blazing hot sun, in a bright blue sky. What about those currently surrounded by tall, leafy trees… surrounded by shade, they see only tiny flickers of the sun dancing on the forest floor. Each of these is a relative reality, a point of current human understanding.

Geoffery Farthing writes:

“A hierarchical priesthood with its own ceremonial priestcraft is a common feature of most exoteric religions.  The priests claim to have been appointed by God and anointed into his service.  This distinguishes them from ordinary men to whom they then claim a duty or right to ‘minister’.  This ministration is virtually mediation between God and man, resulting in the idea of separation, and God out there.

In the past a series of reformers, of which Buddha and Jesus were two notable examples, tried to restore something of the ‘eternal verities’ to religion, one of which was the fundamental idea of the essential divinity of every man.  They also sought to liberate men from institutional formalism, ritual and ceremonial, as a substitute for right living.  They taught compliance with truly spiritual laws to guide them into a kindly, just and disciplined way of life…”

From “Theosophy and Religion”

Blavatsky Trust

I recently stepped in a quagmire of a conversation online where someone was insisting to me that Jesus was a part of the foundation of the American Judicial system! Dear God! :O This was unbelievably followed up by an actual, living, breathing person (in 2017!) uploading photos of paintings in their efforts to prove that Christ was Caucasian. Paintings of Christ from five hundred years ago were created by artists who painted what was familiar to them in their culture, and what they saw with their own eyes; a 33-year-old male, with skin tone, hair and facial features similar to the style of paintings popular at that time.

In most all paintings and drawings of Christ we are looking at a medieval, European man. Jesus was born in the Middle East and would have had dark brown/black hair, most likely brown eyes and definitely brown skin. A far cry from the creamy white, blue eyed, long silky haired Jesus many Christians seem to envision today.

Again we come to the question: “Is God created in our image (at our current level of understanding and evolution), are we created in God’s or is it a little bit of both? I ask how do I even have the right to comment about this? I study and apply the ancient wisdoms and teachings of Theosophy. I am not a teacher; I’m a student and I share my studies and experiences with you.

Many of the religions of today still insist that their “God” is wrought with an array of human character defects like anger, jealousy and even holding a grudge. This theory was presented by “ordained” priests/gurus through the ages who presented these teachings to the masses. Most people could not read at all, much less digest the sacred texts to interpret and apply for themselves. Many were simply told what their belief/religion and personal spirituality was (i.e. “The Magic Potato”) and these organised religions have been fighting over which particular potato was more magical since the beginning of time.

Underneath all of these religions lies the foundation from which they sprang, here there is no division or separation, only unity, compassion and love.

From “The Key to Theosophy”:

“Q: Theosophy, you say, is not a religion?

A: THEOSOPHIST. Most assuredly it is not, since it is the essence of all religion and of absolute truth…

Question: All of great religions are derived from Theosophy, and that it is by assimilating (absorbing/understanding/embracing) it that the world will be finally saved from the curse of its great illusions and errors?

Answer: Precisely so…”

Anyone can become a Theosophist

“It is easy to become a Theosophist. Any person of average intellectual capacities, and a leaning toward the metaphysical; of pure, unselfish life, who finds more joy in helping his neighbour than in receiving help himself; one who is ever ready to sacrifice his own pleasures for the sake of other people; and who loves Truth, Goodness and Wisdom for their own sake, not for the benefit they may confer — is a Theosophist.”