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“Each human being is an incarnation of his God,
in other words, one with his ” Father in Heaven.”

All that an average man can know of his “Father ”
is what he knows of himself, through and within

The soul of his ” Heavenly Father ” is
incarnated within him.

The soul is himself, if he is
successful in assimilating the divine individuality
while in his physical animal shell.


For more information please read: “The Key to Theosophy” written down by Helena P Blavatsky, the writings of B. P. Wadia, Subba Row, William Q Judge, Katherine Tingley; the wisdoms of Plato, Paracelsus, Pythagoras, the poetry of Rumi, the Bhagavad Gita and any and all true Theosophical truths you can get your hands on ~ through application, you may well find the path you seek.