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I have learned first hand and often spoken about Happiness being a choice… and that IS TRUE. Continually being faced with something that simply rips my heart in shreds and >remembering<- this teaching often times seems fantastically impossible.

In the most sorrowful of days, the crippling bring you to your knees dark hours… Especially then… these two powerful keys to happiness still ring true.

It’s up to us to reach up apply them. In spite of doubt, the strength will be given to you if you’ve asked for it and the two all mighty principles and keys to happiness are; 1) Acceptance … of ALL things as they are… everything that has led to this point and even of your own fear, pain and not understanding <- Accept those things too. Doesn’t have to mean they are alright with you, far from it, they are just AS they are at the moment… and 2) Gratitude. Not the Self-depricating “woe is me” I am grateful for this pain and suffering crap we’ve been mistakenly taught… although these painful times do help to build and strenghten our foundations… but rather genuine gratitude for the good you DO have in your life, any and all, from Big to small… the list is endless. Your ability to see beyond, the roof over your head, the food in your stomach, the love you have in your life and the fact that ALL THINGS PASS. Both good and bad.

Who holds the keys to my happiness????

I do ~♥