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HappinessSo often we think that happiness comes “when I get there” ~ when I get enough money, this person in my life to stay, thin enough, a house, married, the perfect job, divorced, a diploma, retired, healthy, to travel etc… These are events along the journey of life, hollow on their own, they do not equate to happiness.I have only come to understand that happiness is not a destination, because “destination” literally means somewhere else from where you are right now. Therefore it will always remain unattainable.Happiness ~♥ is a gentle shift, a change in perception and can be fulfilled for you, by you alone, Easily and at any time you wish. You possess all of the ingredients of this delicious recipe at this moment. Apply them in this precious present and allow Joy to follow, countless miracles WILL transform your life.~> Acceptance, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Compassion, Trust and Allow ~<3  (this is a repost from a while back, just working out kinks in blog to Facebook and Twitter) <3 Xx