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QUICK WEIGHT LOSS schemes (!) Please know that radically limiting calories and upping exercise regimes WILL drop the number on the scale (temporarily) However, when you merge back into life, even if your caloric intake is low… more often than not, the weight comes back, and then some. As we age, our metabolism slows.I have been a spokesperson television, radio and print for several of these companies, in my teens days I journeyed from the obsession of Anorexia, then simply abusing my body through my 20’s as it hovered at a “healthy” weight (as long as I was thin!) to as late as 40 years old, fad cardboard diets and consumed with exercise FOR AN OUTCOME, not for fitness or health.

Let your body, BE your body. Choose nourishing, healthy foods, exercise for YOU not for what you think your appearance will bring you. Drink your water, Stop drinking sodas, Most importantly Love and accept yourself AS YOU ARE at this very moment, do the best you can and know ~> For CRYING OUT LOUD ~ YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE! SKINNY does NOT equal love and happiness. ~♥